Summer Tour Dates!

Please keep checking back for updates as we finish booking this summer’s tour!

June 20th: Richmond, VA at 6:00 pm The Flying Brick

June 21st: Washington, DC at 7:00 pm Radical Space DC, Facebook Event

June 22nd: Philadelphia, PA 7:00 pm at Wooden Shoe, Facebook Event

June 23rd: NYC, at 3:00 pm ABC No Rio

June 24th: NYC, 7:00 pm at Book Thug Nation

June 25th: NYC, TBA

June 26th: New Haven, CT, 7:00 at 93 Osborn Ave

June 27th: Providence, RI, at Libertalia

June 28th: Boston, MA, 7:00 pm at Spontaneous Celebrations, in collaboration with Lucy Parsons Center

June 29th: Amherst, MA at Food for Thought Books

June 30th: Unity, ME at Crosstrax  215 depot st. 7pm

July 2nd: At the Earth First! Rendezvous

July 4th: Buffalo, NY, at Subversive Theatre

July 5th: Buffalo, NY, at Burning Books

July 6th: Pittsburgh, PA at The Big Idea

July 7th: Toledo, OH, at Third Space

July 8th: Chicago, IL, 7:00 pm at Mess Hall

July 9th: Madison, WI, 7:00 pm at Rainbow Books

July 10th: Winona, MN at The Burrow

July 11th: Minneapolis, MN, 7:00pm at The Minnehaha Free Space

July 12th: Des Moines, IA at Vaudeville Mews

July 14th: Bloomington, IN, 7:00pm at Boxcar Books

July 15th: Louisville, KY, 7:00 pm at the WIT Space, 806 East Chestnut

July 16th: Chattanooga, TN, TBA

July 17th: Knoxville, TN, 6:30pm at The Birdhouse

July 18th: Chapel Hill, NC at The Nightlight

July 19th: Greensboro, NC at Glenwood Coffee and Books

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2 Responses to Summer Tour Dates!

  1. Jessica says:

    Has a location been decided on for tonight? You performing one more time in NYC ;) ?

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