UPDATED-Winter Tour Dates 2011/2012!

We’re excited to bring our summer shows on a second tour this winter. Our feature show, “What Are Prisons For?”, uses shadow puppets to outline the history of the Prison Industrial Complex from chattel slavery in the South to today’s exploding prison population. In a few spots we could still use some help with booking. If we’re not coming to your town, but we’re close during one of our days off, you should contact us and we’ll try to make it work.

December 18th-Lakeworth FL- The Night Heron

December 19th- Day Off

December 20th- Miami FL – Churchill’s Pub with  The Autonomous Playhouse Puppet Show

December 21st- Orlando FL – Blank Space

December 22nd- Gainesville FL- Camp True Love

December 23rd- Tallahassee FL- NEED HELP!

December 24th- Chinese food and a movie

December 25th- Chinese food and a movie

December 26th- Pensacola FL- Sluggo’s

December 27th- Mobile AL- NEED HELP!

December 28th- New Orleans LA- The Mudlark Public Theatre

December 29th- Houston TX- Super Happy Fun Land!

December 30th- San Antonio- TBA

December 31st- Day Off

January 1st- Austin TX- 1810 walnut avenue (Btwn 18th & mlk)

January 2nd- Dallas TX- Smoke and Mirrors Art Gallery & Info Shop

January 3rd- Oklahoma City OK- 814 NW 31st.

January 4th- Nashville TN- Little Hamilton Collective

January 5th- Carrollton GA- The Alley Cat

January 6th- Atlanta GA- The Cut (hair salon/barbershop)166 Stovall St. SE

January 7th- Chapel Hill NC- Internationalist Books

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3 Responses to UPDATED-Winter Tour Dates 2011/2012!

  1. fran says:

    We look forward to seeing your performance in Tallahassee Friday, Dec. 23. We will have good food, good learning, and meeting new good friends!

  2. Bee says:

    what time are you performing in austin ya?

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