UPDATED! Tour Dates Summer 2011!

Here are our dates. In a few spots we could still use some help with booking. If we’re not coming to your town, but we’re close during one of our days off, you should contact us and we’ll try to make it work.We hope to see y’all real soon.

July 6th- Richmond VA- The Wingnut

July 7th- Charlottesville VA-Random Row Books

July 8th- Washington DC- Dream City

July 9th- Baltimore- 2640

July 10th-Day Off

July 11th- Philadelphia PA- Spiral Q

July 12th- NYC- Book Thug Nation

July 13th-New Haven CT-50 Goffe St.

July 14th-Providence RI-Libertalia

July 15th- Worcester, Ma- Collective A Go-Go

July 16th-Boston MA- The Burrow!

July 17th-Amherst MA-Food For Thought Books

July 18th-Ithaca NY- Green Star Food Cooperative

July 19th-Buffalo NY-420 Connecticut Street, Buffalo, NY

July 20th-Day Off

July 21st-Pittsburgh-AIR Face Book Event!

July 22nd- Columbus OH-VVK

July 23rd-Cleveland OH-Whitman House Drop-In Center

July 24th-Chicago IL-The Mess Hall

July 25th-Milwaukee WI-Cream City Collectives

July 26th-Madison WI-Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative

July 27th-WinonaMN-The Burrow

July 28th-Day Off

July 29th-Minneapolis MN-Boneshaker Books

July 30th-Des Moines-Best Place Ever

July 31st-Champaign IL-Independent Media Center

August 1st-Day Off

August 2nd-Bloomington IN-Boxcar Books

August 3rd-Louisville KY-Wit Space 806 East Chestnut St.

August 4th-Asheville NC-Firestorm Cafe

August 5th-Greensboro NC-Glenwood Coffee and Books, 1310 Glenwood Ave

August 6th-Chapel Hill NC-Internationalist Books

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6 Responses to UPDATED! Tour Dates Summer 2011!

  1. handlerbar says:

    so what you’re trying to say is, you’re not coming to austin, texas?! i know, i kmow…we’re not on the way to anywhere…

  2. Art Noose says:

    And here’s the Pittsburgh event:
    (7 pm, at 518 Foreland St. on the North Side)

  3. luisoyo says:

    Hey y’all, thanks for coming through Charlottesville! Don’t stop beheading imprisoners!

  4. mik says:

    I can’t believe I just discovered this a DAY after you guys left Pittsburgh!!!! I live 30 minutes away!!!! Next summer I will be out to come see you guys!!! <3miK

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